Houston-Cypress Chapter

Sherry Griffin, Houston-Cypress Chapter President

Sherry Griffin, President Houston-Cypress Chapter

Congratulations and welcome Phenomenal Women of Houston, Texas!

We are EXCITED to have Sherry Griffin as our Houston-Cypress Chapter President. Sherry has hit the ground running and she encourages all phenomenal women of Houston to join her team to Party and Play with a Purpose. Sherry brings Passion and commitment to her Platform to UNITE*EMPOWER*INSPIRE women, while holding her leadership team accountable. Her motto is “When you are blessed, pass it on”.

Phenomenal Women, Inc – Houston-Cypress Chapter
Phone: 949.229.0525
Email: info@phenomenalwomeninc.org

If you’d like to Join the Houston-Cypress Chapter or be on Sherry’s mailing list for future events please send us your contact information to info@phenomenalwomeninc.org.


We experienced Sherry’s heart for giving first hand during her Houston-Cypress Chapter launch event on October 23rd. While attending the event, a very generous donor was inspired by our purpose and wrote a check to support Phenomenal Women, Inc. Sherry immediately took that donation and passed in on to bless another local non-profit organization that had a greater need. Wow, that was phenomenal and inspiring to all who witnessed Sherry’s spirit of generosity. Thank you to all the women and men who came out to support us on that day! Our lives were richly blessed by your presence and “Together WE made a difference.”